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The Incarceration & Mental Health lab is committed to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion within our lab, university, and community. We welcome and encourage applications from individuals with diverse cultures, backgrounds, identities, and experiences.

We are currently seeking new graduate students for Fall 2025 enrollment!

Graduate students can join the Incarceration & Mental Health lab through the Psychology PhD program.

Note the Psychology PhD program has Clinical and non-Clinical tracks, such as the Individualized Graduate Major. Dr. Koenigs can admit students through either track.

We are particularly interested in admitting students who wish to conduct research on community-engaged approaches to developing and implementing mental healthcare interventions and supports for currently and formerly incarcerated individuals. We are prioritizing admission for students who are interested in the Individualized Graduate Major (IGM) Psychology PhD program. The IGM program is extremely flexible with regard to coursework and training, however, it does not involve extended clinical training through external practica, clinical internship, or pathway to licensure. This track thus yields more time for clinical research. Please contact Dr. Koenigs if you have questions about these program options.

To inquire about an undergraduate research position, please email Dr. Koenigs a copy of your transcript and CV or resume.

We do not currently have any openings for paid full-time research assistants.

We are currently recruiting a postdoctoral fellow through an NIMH T32 training grant (Training Program in Emotion Research). If you are interested in applying, please email Dr. Koenigs a copy of your CV.

Updated 11/24/2020